Lufkin Innage&Outage Tape

Lufkin Innage&Outage Tape

Lufkin Innage&Outage Tape [ C1290SF590 ]

Atlas® Chrome Clad

  • Black markings bonded to steel and recessed beneath multiple layers of nickel and chrome electroplating provides greater resistance to wear and corrosion
  • All tapes read right to left
  • Heavy-Duty frame designed for years of rugged use
  • All frames include grounding strap
  • Plumb bob sold separately

Innage Tapes

Catalog No.BobWidthLengthGraduationReplacement Blade
C1290SF590590G1/2″25′Feet, Inches & 1/8thsOCN1290SF590
C1291SF590590G1/2″33′Feet, Inches & 1/8thsOCN1291SF590
C1293SF590590G1/2″50′Feet, Inches & 1/8thsOCN1293SF590
C2910MME590GM590GME1/2″33′(10m)Inch & 1/8ths (Meters & mm)OC2910MME590GM
C2915MME590GM590GME1/2″50′(15m)Inch & 1/8ths (Meters & mm)
C2920MME590GM590GME1/2″66′(20m)Inch & 1/8ths (Meters & mm)
C2930MME590GM590GME1/2″100′(30m)Inch & 1/8ths (Meters & mm)

Outage Tapes

Catalog No.BobWidthLengthGraduationReplacement Blade
C2920MME150MM150MM1/2″66′(20m)Inch & 1/8ths (Meters & mm)

Innage Bobs

Catalog No.LengthGraduationDescription
5906″No GraduationsBrass
590G6″Inches & 1/8thsBrass
590GM6″Meters & mmBrass
590GME6″Inch & 1/8ths (Meters & mm)Brass
590GME-A6″Inch & 1/8ths (Meters & mm)Brass with Stainless Steel tip
590GME-1818″Inch & 1/8ths (Meters & mm)Brass (Requires cutting of tape)
590SD6″10/ths & 1/100thsBrass
590SD-1818″10/ths & 1/100thsBrass (Requires cutting of tape)
S5906″No GraduationsStainless Steel
590GME-SS6″Inch & 1/8ths (Meters & mm)Stainless Steel

Outage Bobs

Catalog No.LengthGraduationDescription
587-1/26″Inches, 1/8ths, & 1/16thsBrass
150MM6″Meters & mmBrass, graduated every millimeter
587GME6″Inch & 1/8ths (Meters & mm)Brass
587GME-26″Inch & 1/8ths (Meters & mm)Brass, graduated every millimeter
612E12″Inch & 1/8ths (Meters & mm)Brass Bar
612ME12″Inch & 1/8ths (Meters & mm)Brass Bar
587GME-SS6″Inch & 1/8ths (Meters & mm)Stainless Steel
612ME-SS12″Inch & 1/8ths (Meters & mm)Stainless Steel Bar