Flexi-Dip Multi-Function Sampling

Flexi-Dip Multi-Function Sampling

Flexi-Dip Multi-Function Sampling System Tefzel Tape Reel

Cat No. 600.053

Cat No. 600.053S

Each Sampling System comes complete with the 100’ Flexi-Dip Double Duty Tefzel sampling tape, vapor valve storage tube, gauging bag, hard storage case, MMC Collar, Hermetic adapter and the Multi-Function Sampler.

The Tefzel tape provides the user with a more durable tape than the standard stainless steel blade. Less susceptible to breakage and the loss of the internal sampler.

The Multi-Function Sampler allows the operator to choose the type of sampler needed by selecting one of the various tops and bottoms included in the sampling kit. For example, for running samples, the user would choose the Adjustable top. For zone samples, the user would choose the zone bottom.

The Multi-Function sampler may also be used for RVP sampling applications. By using the specially designed spring loaded bottom valve and the RVP funnel, the user is able to transfer gasoline without losing vapor pressure during the transfer process.

  • For closed & restricted sampling on vessels with inert gas pressure.
  • Designed to fit MMC or Hermetic vapor control valves.
  • Restricts escape of vapors into the atmosphere.
  • Meets API sampling requirements for:

    – running samples

    – all level samples

    – spot samples

    – zone samples

    – RVP samples
  • Ideally suited for oil inspectors
  • Safer for personnel and environment
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Large gauging bag included Free of charge!