Mica Tube

Mica Tube

Mica Tube [ 20x16x500 ]

1. Mica Tube Insulations Size 20x16x500 MM. Long

2. Mica Tube Insulation 16.5x12.5x1000 MM. long 

Product Description
Mica tubes are made of layered mica and can either be machined or

 unwrapped to fit. Mica tube includes two species: 

(1) Muscovite mica tube: Silver color, Heat resistance: 500 degree centigrade

(In constant operation), 750 degree centigrade (in intermittent operation). 
(2) Phlogopite mica tube: Golden/Amber color, Heat resistance: 750 degree centigrade

(In constant operation), 1000 degree centigrade (in intermittent operation). 

----Diameter: 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 50mm, 100mm, 200mm, ...300mm 
----Length: 10mm, 20mm, 50mm, 100mm, 300mm, 500, ...1100mm