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ERG DC-DC Converter

 DC-DC Converters – FROM STOCK

For Simple, Cost-Effective Low-Power Voltage Convers

ERG stocks DC-DC converters in a range of output power levels from 0.25 W

 to 25 W for performing simple voltage conversions at low power.

They provide simple and inexpensive solutions if you need a certain

output voltage that is not already in your system and need to convert

one voltage to another.

ERG offers seven Series of DC-DC converters, the output power determining

 the package series and size – E400, E500, E700, E800, E900, E1200 and

E1600 – in a wide range of input voltages. For example, ERG’s E712-5.06U

 is a 700 Series DC-DC converter that converts a 12 VDC input voltage to

500 VDC@6mA, unregulated. There are many custom variations within

each Series to fit any number of applications. Tell us about yours.

(Pricing for ERG’s DC-DC converters depends on package size and output power.)

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