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Pendulum Switch EL101

 Pendelum Switch EL 101 D

The EL 101 D pendulum switch is ideal for use as pick-up

 wherever changes of state can cause it to be deflected from the vertical. It is,

for example, possible to use the device to monitor the level in containers containing

granulated or pulverised materials in which the growing pile cone causes the deflection.

 It can also be used on conveyor belts to indicate the presence of material to be conveyed,

as current indicator at locks or waterways or as limit switch in railway facilities.

Its mode of operation opens up other application possibilities. The very sturdy

construction of the pendulum switch allows its use in the roughest of operating

conditions. Even hard blows are no problem for it. The switch is housed in a

thick-walled grey cast iron housing with screw-on cover. The cover features a ring screw,

from which the switch is suspended, and a cable gland for the connection cable.

The bottom part of the switch is equipped with an internal thread R 1" to hold a tube,

anchor guard plate or sheet to support deflection of the housing from the vertical.

The EL 101 D is designed for direct connection to an actuator circuit.

When deflected from the vertical, the EL 101 D pendulum switch carries out a switching function.

An inclination of 20° already suffices to cause a freely moving steel ball inside

the housing to operate a special microswitch.






Housing: Grey cast iron

Nominal switching: 230 V / 10A or 400 V / 6A

Protection degree: IP54/ IEC 529

Temperature range: -20°C up to +60°C





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